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How VRdirect is enabling companies to enter the Metaverse

September 22, 2021
How VRdirect is enabling companies to enter the Metaverse
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What’s the hype?

Unless one has been living under a rock, most web-savvy people have heard the term ‘Metaverse’ at least once. It’s a term that picked up wind after the recent statements by Mark Zuckerberg saying that Facebook’s next step is to become a metaverse company, and it seems Zuckerberg is quite serious about it. After acquiring VR headset maker Oculus and investing billions in the VR technology, Facebook launched ‘Facebook Horizon’ — a Virtual Reality powered platform where people can work, create, play and interact using their virtual avatar. And the social media giant is not alone in the quest for an alternate realm, all Big Tech companies such as Google and Apple are charting their own path towards the all-encompassing Metaverse. Some recent developments, such as Apple announcing its Mixed Reality VR headsets while ByteDance, the creator of TikTok, acquired VR headset manufacturer Pico Interactive are all pointing towards it.

But what is this Metaverse everyone is so pumped about?

Essentially, the Metaverse is a completely virtual layer on top of our physical world freeing mankind from any (time, place, social) boundaries of the physical world. Picture an alternate virtual world with a fully- functional economy with virtual currencies, where you could be whoever you want to be, possess the ability to summon different objects or switch between time and space at will. Though these are hypothetical prospects and in no way encapsulate the limitlessness of what the Metaverse may make possible, yet it should set the precursor to what the noise is all about.

Virtual Reality is key for the Metaverse

Seeing is believing, even in the Metaverse. It is hard to imagine an alternate world without it being fully immersive and multi-dimensional. Where interacting with the meta-physical landscapes, inventory, objects, and digital assets in real-time is possible. And this is why Virtual Reality is an inseparable technology for the Metaverse.

It may even be fair to say that what sunlight is to the physical earth, Virtual Reality is to the Metaverse: making the world visible! Both have to coexist to enable life – in this case, a virtual life. Learn why companies are using Virtual Reality: https://www.vrdirect.com/blog/vr-for-training-hr/five-companies-that-are-using-vr-for-training/

VRdirect is the dooropener to the Metaverse

Companies worldwide are wondering, how to tap this new technology frontier. Oftentimes it seems, that entering the Metaverse requires creating entirely new 3D-modelled worlds or sophisticated avatars to collaborate in real-time, heavy lifting in terms of hardware and quite some expertise and personal skills to even get started.

Hence, many companies find the shift to Virtual Reality tedious, both effort and investment-wise, not knowing that there are solutions that make the transition effortless, without heavy investment.

The vision of VRdirect is to enable any company to get started with Virtual Reality and the Metaverse alike by simplifying the technology to a point, where everyone is able to create Virtual Reality projects without any expert skills.

The VRdirect platform enables companies, irrespective of their size or experience with VR, to create Virtual Reality projects that can be accessed in real-time across many devices ranging from Smartphones, Tablets, even websites and of course VR headsets, which is the key medium for full immersion in the Metaverse. Hence, VRdirect enables many companies and organisations globally to take their first steps in the Metaverse.

Virtual Reality is key for the Metaverse

Leaders in their respective industries, such as Siemens, Nestle and Porsche are already using the VRdirect platform as a standard Virtual Reality solution across the organization. VRdirect is also the technology partner of Deutsche Telekom for their “VR-Tour” product offer. Beyond its enterprise business, VRdirect aims to propel SMEs, individuals, and anyone interested in Virtual Reality to seamlessly enter this emerging and soon to be essential Metaverse. Check our Success Stories.

How far are we from Metaverse?

Metaverse is not something that a single company can build. It will take time and joint efforts of companies, individuals, and decentralized networks worldwide powered by technologies such as Blockchain, high-speed Internet and edge computing in combination with Augmented and Virtual Reality.

And to those who may argue that an alternate world is still long way to go, we may retort that they may still be living in the ’80s. If we look around, there is a mass exodus from office desks to work-from-home culture. And with social media now fully integrated into our daily routine, there is a shift in how we live today. And take into account the technological advancements in Artificial Intelligence, the introduction of ARM chips, the advent of digital currencies and NFTs, surreal gaming engines, and Virtual Reality powered events; all the elements to nourish an alternate digital world are right in front of us, the only thing left to do is to find the courage to get started!

Yet to some, the concept of Metaverse may seem foolhardy, but so were the ideas of stellar travel, self-driving cars, or even the internet until someone came along to make them a reality.

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