Partnership with Professional360 – manufacturer of the Panono Camera

October 31, 2018
Partnership with Professional360 – manufacturer of the Panono Camera

The camera manufacturer Professional360 and VRdirect have launched a partnership where every Panono Camera customer is entitled to a 2-month Free Trial License from VRdirect.

This way, Panono Camera customers can use the high-res 360° pictures they take to create and even publish their own interactive 360°/VR projects such as interactive tours through buildings and properties or virtual product presentations.

For more inspiration on possible use cases, take a look at the VRdirect Player App in the Oculus, Apple and Google Play stores.

Professional360 and VRdirect see a high potential in the partnership

Dr. Rolf Illenberger, Managing Director of VRdirect on the cooperation: “We’re very thrilled about the partnership with Panono. The Panono Camera takes 360° pictures with an extremely high resolution and is very easy to use. We are happy that we can offer Panono customers the possibility to create interactive 360°/VR projects such as virtual tours out of their high-res photos and instantly share them with their audience.”

Created 360°/VR projects can be viewed in VR goggles (Oculus Go), on mobile phones and websites.

This variety of publishing options ensures that the VR experience can be enjoyed by a broad audience on various devices and in various settings, e.g. at home, on the go or at exhibitions and trade fairs.

“The new partnership gives Panono users a unique opportunity to turn their panoramas into various VR projects. Panono is not only a high-quality 360-degree camera but an entire business tool with numerous solutions for professional use. That is why the partnership with VRdirect is so important to us. We are looking forward for this collaboration, which significantly expands our product range” says Thomas Escher, CEO of Professional360.

The Panono 360° camera

Partnership with Professional360 – manufacturer of the Panono Camera

The Panono Camera is the only one of its kind in the field of panoramic photography. Its outstanding image quality allows a high zoom level and extra-high 108 MP resolution.

Thanks to HDR, the Panono Camera provides detailed and attractive color images. It offers an extremely high resolution, is easy to use and stitches fully automatically.

For all product information, click here.

Technical Details

Total Resolution108 MP
Output Size16K x 8K Equirectangular
Cameras36 fixed-focus cameras
Focal Length3.26 mm
Storage Capacity16 GB (400-600 panoramas)
ConnectionWIFI, USB
Panono AppApp (iOS 8.0+ & Android 4.2+)
Settings (Selection):
Manual & Auto Exposure (1/4000s2s)
 Manual & Auto ISO (100-1600)
 White Balance (3000K-8000K)
Dimensions11 cm, 480 g


Example Panono Panorama Picture

If you would like to view more examples of panorama pictures taken with the Panono Camera, click here.

Benefits of the Panono Camera for B2B use cases

There are various reasons which make the Panono Camera especially interesting in a B2B context:

  • Premium-quality shots – extra-high resolution camera due to 108 megapixels
  • Easy handling – fully automated stitching in less than 5 minutes
  • all-in-one solution – camera, apps, cloud service
  • individual offers – for sale or for rent
  • smart and innovative design

Use Cases

The Panono Camera is a great choice for different fields and branches, including real estate, marketing and virtual commerce, tourism, events, security, construction and many more.

Here you can learn more about Professional360 and the Panono Camera.

For further information on the cooperation between Panono and VRdirect, send us an email to

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