Internal unveiling of Apple’s XR headset, Meta simplifies haptics integration, and VR training for teachers

April 5, 2023
Internal unveiling of Apple’s XR headset, Meta simplifies haptics integration, and VR training for teachers

According to Bloomberg analyst Mark Gurman, Apple unveiled its XR headset to the company’s top 100 executives in a secret meeting.

The report states that Apple is in the final stages of testing before launch. Gurman says that the internal presentation was a critical milestone.

“The demonstrations were polished, glitzy and exciting, but many executives are clear-eyed about Apple’s challenges pushing into this new market”, the journalist writes.

Among the obstacles to a seamless launch, Gurman cites an estimated USD 3,000 price tag, a short two-hour battery life and limited content.

Apple CEO Tim Cook is still pushing the XR headset, and Bloomberg analyst Gurman thinks it has a good chance of succeeding: Apple could dominate the already small market with the XR headset within a few months.

Read more about the upcoming announcement of Apple’s XR glasses: Apple’s XR headset shown at secret meeting to Top 100

Apple focuses on XR in 2023
Picture: Midjourney prompted by MIXED

New software from Meta promises improved haptics

Meta has announced two new tools that make it easier to develop and integrate haptics into VR applications. In addition to visual immersion, haptic feedback adds a tangible component to virtual environments.

The Meta Haptics Studio for Windows and Mac allows developers to create, customize and test haptic effects directly without an additional development environment. The second new application is the Haptics SDK for the Unity engine. This will allow developers to integrate haptic effects more easily into their Unity applications, to modify them in real time, or to program dynamic variables.

For example, the new tools make it easier to integrate haptics into virtual corporate trainings. Haptic feedback can make simulated training and education scenarios more realistic.

Meta mentions a “future Meta Quest controller”, presumably referring to the new Quest 3 VR controllers expected later this year.

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New software from Meta promises improved haptics
Picture: Meta

Education center trains teachers for VR lessons

The first VR education center in Germany has opened its doors in Lower Saxony. The Virtual Reality Education Center (VRECH) in Hanover serves as a place for experimentation, training, and events for schools and companies providing vocational training.

Teachers and vocational trainers learn how to use virtual reality and augmented reality in education.

During the two-year project, they can try out different software and hardware (such as Meta Quest, HoloLens, and Pico 4) and familiarize themselves with XR topics and curricula. The content is divided by subject (German, English, Mathematics, Politics, History, Biology, Physics, Art, Geography, Medicine), medium (AR, VR, 360° Video, 360° Interactive) and language (German, English).

The formats are designed to enable teachers in Lower Saxony to independently integrate XR topics into their teaching and training.

Read more about the Virtual Reality Education Center: Virtual Reality Education Center (VRECH) an Multi-Media BBS

Education center trains teachers for VR lessons
Picture: VRECH / Wirtschafts- und Beschäftigungsförderung
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