Steal The Show with Virtual Reality

September 15, 2022
Steal The Show with Virtual Reality
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Traditional is a word that does not sit well with Virtual Reality (VR). Breaking stereotypes and making trends look obsolete, VR is poised to transform everything we have ever known about how we sell, market, or present our ideas. And while every industry sector is pondering over the application of the tech or tweaking it to suit its needs, VR has already converged with marketing to metamorphosize into something called experiential marketing, which is rapidly transforming the trade exhibition experience.

How VR helps steal the limelight

Though trade shows are a lucrative opportunity for a business to present its product, they are highly competitive too. It is easy to get neglected amidst hundreds of other exhibitors vying for the same thing as you.

And this is where VR comes into play. These trade shows offer a perfect stage for VR to flaunt its prowess as an immersive marketing tool. It can make a brand look like a beaming star among rocks.

However, it is essential to understand how Virtual Reality should be used to put on a great show. A well-executed VR-based strategy would account for increased footfall, attract relevant media coverage, evoke the right attention, interest, and emotions. But most importantly, it would make a lasting impact.

But before we talk about how to use VR without breaking a bank, we should look at the many benefits of integrating VR into your marketing strategy for upcoming exhibitions and events.

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Benefits of using VR for trade shows

Takes away the need for excessive booth space:

VR has eliminated the need for securing large booth spaces at expos. Now companies can replace bulky machines and products with virtually testable counterparts. And irrespective of how extensive your product line is, VR allows companies to showcase them all despite the limited space.

Is an attention magnet:

Exhibitions are highly competitive spaces, and you have a small window to grab user attention. VR trade shows are still relatively new and intriguing. And since people love cerebral rides into an alternate reality, VR is the technology that can get your booth all the attention it needs.

Heightens user experience and product engagement:

VR allows brands to let users engage with their products virtually in isolation. They can test, interact and engage with the product to see how it works and feels. It effectively sets the ball rolling for a sales opportunity.

Talk Less and tell more:

The depth of an experience is way more than that of a wordy demonstration. VR takes away the need for human effort to demonstrate a product verbally, facilitating a sensory, experiential interaction with your product. A user can immerse themselves fully in your product experience, without the visual and sonic distraction of the event that would otherwise split your prospects' limited reserves of attention.

Reduce costs:

From sizing down to smaller booths to minimizing logistical needs, VR helps bring down event costs exceptionally. Save on the costs of event executives, booth dimensions, insurance premiums, and logistical requirements while offering an in-depth booth experience still.

Get instant feedback:

VR trade shows facilitate trying out your products which means you can take user feedback then and there at the booth.

Showcase your services flexibly:

The service industry is one of the biggest beneficiaries of VR innovations. Now service providers can participate in such physical events and showcase their previously impossible-to-present services such as medical equipment, travel destinations etc. For instance, now it is possible to see how medical equipment works in a virtual surgery room via VR enabled devices.

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How is VR changing the event industry
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A magic wand for mega manufacturers

Large equipment manufacturers who face the logistical challenge of moving their gigantic products from one place to another for demonstration can now breathe a sigh of relief, thanks to VR trade shows. By creating virtual replicas of the machines and virtual relevant environments, such enterprises can pack their mammoth-sized products into a briefcase and take it to any part of the world.

An interesting use case to cite here would be the innovative approach taken by the American multinational giant General Electric when showcasing their products at one of the largest global fairs devoted to 3D printing.

GE overcame the problem of logistics using VR to demonstrate its bulky product range. They showcased their entire 3D printing range for various industries in a custom-built virtual lobby. They invited guests to virtually test the printing process, examine each model in detail and compare the quality and precision offered by each device. Not only was it a success, but GE was able to compile a comprehensive presentation at a much lower cost.

There are many more real-world examples where VR trade shows have bridged such gaps. Some of these industries include the health sector, tourism industry, aerospace manufacturing, construction industry, etc.

How VR helps steal the limelight

How can you use Virtual Reality for an upcoming trade show?

An exhibition can be an extremely exhausting affair. Especially the preparation bit. Ensuring outsourced vendors are on schedule, readying marketing content all at once can take a toll. And the last thing you want is any delay or issues with the USP of your booth.

With the VRdirect Studio, which makes things swift, easy to adapt, and fully customizable without the need for experts or any previous practical experience with VR.

Virtual Reality is not only here to stay but to take over. And early adopters sit on the vantage point to foresee and grab opportunities before their respective competitors. Combining VR with a product showcase can amplify the whole experience. And using solutions such as the VRdirect platform, rolling out VR-powered solutions is now easy and affordable. The applications are not limited to VR trade shows and expos only but can power up an organization at various levels. While such platforms allow seamless incorporation of VR, there is absolutely no need for infrastructural or organizational change. The possibilities that VR brings are limitless, and all that is required is to make that first move to venture out into uncharted territory.

An enterprise-ready solution, the VRdirect platform allows creating VR-enabled content with a few clicks. You can try a free demo version on the company website and experience it for yourself.

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