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What are 360° photos?

A 360° photo is a panoramic image that gives the user a 360° view of the place. It gives a realistic perspective of the space from the point of view of the photographer. The viewer can look sideways, up or down, in any direction they wish. One may even zoom in or out.

There are multiple ways to achieve this. Either you can use multiple images and later stitch them together using image editing software or use a 360° camera that gives you a panoramic image that needs minor stitching work from your end. With some 360° cameras, you can even skip manual stitching altogether. The camera does the stitching on its own.

Some phones offer 360°-degree photo capturing capability and are quite effective as well. Whether you want to rent out your property or share your experience, 360°-degree photos are an exciting way to say more with less.

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