What is the difference between AR and VR?

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) differ in their projection mannerism, the virtual content, how their respective devices work, and their purpose. While VR aims at replacing the real world by immersing you in an alternate world with no sense of the physical world around you, AR superimposes 3D content over our vision of the physical space.

Wearing a head-mounted VR device blocks the vision of the space around. Whereas wearing an AR device is equal to wearing your regular transparent glasses, but with the 3D content superimposed over the field of vision. Both have their many use cases, and evidently, they both have a place in the coming times.


• AR devices layer digital content on top of elements from the real world.

• Enhances the vision of the reality by adding CGI to the view

• Requires an AR compatible smart device

• Users can add or change their perception of the world in real-time while easily distinguishing virtual items from real ones.

• VR is a completely immersive experience, altering the perception making the user believe in being in a different world.

• Immerses user into a fully digital environment with no elements of reality

• Requires VR headsets and controllers

• Users might experience issues with mobility while remaining fully immersed in the virtual environment, such as the inability to feel objects when touching them

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