What is the Meta Quest 3?

The Meta Quest 3 is a mixed reality headset that features an LCD RGB display with pancake lenses. The resolution per eye is 2,064 x 2,208 pixels, and frame rates can be set to 72, 90, or 120 Hz. The field of view is 110 degrees, and the IPD can be adjusted in the range of 58-70 mm.

The processor/GPU of the Meta Quest 3 is Snapdragon XR2 Gen2, and it has 8 GB of RAM. The tracking technology uses inside-out tracking with 6 cameras and 6DOF (six degrees of freedom). The headset supports hand tracking, while eye tracking and face tracking are not available.

For mixed reality applications, two 4MP RGB cameras and a depth sensor are integrated. The headset offers Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and USB-C 3.0 ports. Audio is output via integrated speakers, and there is a 3.5 mm jack and a microphone.

The weight of the Meta Quest 3 is 537 grams, and it comes with Touch Plus controllers that also support 6DOF. There are no specific system requirements, and the headset is available with storage variants of 128 GB and 512 GB. For more information, visit Meta’s website here.

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