What are virtual museum tours?

Gone are the days when you needed to hop on a plane and fly all the way to see the masterpieces in the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam or to fly to Musée d’Orsay Museum in Paris.

Now, with a decent VR headset and smart devices, you can see these historical pieces by renowned renaissance artists. Welcome virtual museums or VR museums!

Museums worldwide are using Virtual Reality to reinvoke interest in history, arts, and culture. For art and history enthusiasts and students, this is a great opportunity to look at these fine artifacts up close. Of course, the feeling of being in the museum has definitely a different charm, but for a history student, sitting somewhere in a remote Asian town, tucked far away from the luxuries of the city, this is big!

So if you are interested in history, or always wanted to see these marvels, then you got to try the virtual museums.

And you can even make your own VR museum tour with the VRdirect platform. It’s quite simple to do so.

Here is one Virtual museum tour made with VRdirect: https://player.vrdirect.app/?project-code=ad7d80

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