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What is 6DOF?

The amount of freedom in Virtual Reality decides the immersiveness and the possible ways we can move within the VR space. DOF or degrees of freedom play a critical role in making VR come to life. It refers to the movement of a rigid body in 3-dimensional space. 6DOF considers the user’s head position, head movement, and overall orientation.

6DOF comprises two movement parameters – Translation and Rotation.

1. Translation involves moving along the X, Y and Z axis

Sway: Moving left and right on the x-axis
Heave: Moving up and downward on the y-axis
Surge: Move forward and backward on the z-axis

2. Rotation involves turning to face a different axis

Pitch: Moving between the X and Y-axis.
Yaw: Moving between the X and Z-axis.
Roll: Moving between Z and Y-axis.

The combination of translation and rotation allows the user to walk around freely, view an object from all 360-degree angles, even look at it from a top-down angle or crouch below for a bottom-up view. This freedom to inspect an item enables delivering an immersive VR experience.

Some game simulators for racing or fast-paced games use the 6DoF Motion Platform, which provides an outstanding experience. It can adapt to all motions including, pitch, roll, and heave, while moving in yaw, sway, and surge actions.

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