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How can VR help to train employees?

Once looked at as another expedition in the entertainment realm, VR has surpassed its predicted fate to establish itself as a game-changer with many use cases, especially for training purposes. Virtual Reality training simulations recreate real-life job scenarios, making almost all other training methods look obsolete. And VR training is not only engaging but a time and resource-saving technology that helps create a job-ready workforce. Especially for high-risk jobs such as firefighting, disaster management, or fields with logistical challenges, they can now finally train their workforce using VR simulations. Research shows VR-enabled training reduces the chances of work-related injuries by a staggering 43%. Additionally, users or employees tend to retain more information viscerally.

By building a virtual reality training module with an intuitive enterprise-ready VR solution such as VRdirect, companies can train their employees or fresh recruits with minimal investment. Here are some of the use cases where companies used VRdirect to create employee training VR modules.

Key benefits of using VR for training:

• Saves time and resources
• Engaging and more fun
• Improves learning and retention
• Helps improve remote training and co-learning
• Facilitates risk-free training for critical jobs
• Speeds up learning
• More hands on training, allowing the space for trial and error

How can VR help to train employees
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