Can I walk around and lift objects in VR?

If a user wants to move freely in VR, this is only possible in an environment that has been generated by a computer and rendered simultaneously in real time. The current positions of the user are recorded and the moving environment is adjusted based on this. Unfortunately, this is only possible if the VR environment has been modelled in 3D in advance and communicates with a programmed system. The same applies to the action of lifting and rotating any objects from the environment itself.

VRdirect is not a platform that works with such complicated setups. Here, the user is supposed to upload and expand his content himself – without needing a developer or a game engine. The focus is on user-friendliness and simplicity. Accordingly, it is not possible to move freely in a VRdirect project. Instead, users jump from place to place and click on interactive objects to learn more about them.

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