The quality of my 360° content looks very poor.

If the quality of the 360° content looks suboptimal, it must first be checked whether this can be due to the content itself or to the device on which the content is currently being played. 
The following points and questions are important for this:

Check the quality of the 360° content itself 

  • Is the content above 4K? 
  • Does the content have a high resolution? 
  • When you zoom into the content, do you see the same resolution as in the VR project? 
  • How does the content look via another player – e.g. VLC?
  • How does other content look in the VRdirect player? E.g. from other projects

Check playout device

  • How does the VR project look on other devices? E.g. iPhone, Android Phone, other computer, VR glasses
  • How does the VR project look on other browsers? E.g. Chrome Browser, Firefox Browser, Safari Browser
  • Is my device capable of playing 4K and higher resolutions?
  • How old is my device? –> Older devices can often only display reduced qualities. Therefore, please make sure to compare on another device. 
  • How good is my internet connection? If the VR project is viewed via streaming, it may be that content is displayed in reduced or increased quality based on the internet connection.
  • Is my device and browser up-to-date? Updates from playout systems can often cause differences in quality.  
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