Recommendations for taking 360° photos

  • Use as much lightning as possible 
  • Use as much equal lightning as possible (from left, right and top) to reduce shadows 
  • Use a stable tripod to make sure the camera is centred and very steady (you will see tilting in 360° very easily) 
  • Adjust the height of the camera to a person’s eye-level 
  • Position the camera not too far from and not too close to your object of interest  
  • Make sure to also take “neutral” 360° images – e.g. in the middle of the room 
    (those images can serve later in the experience as menu background or intro image) 
  • Rather take more photos than too few 
  • Clean the room around the camera – make sure everything looks symmetrical and tidy
    (as this is a 360° picture you will see every little detail in the room – every trashcan, every paper on the floor, …) 
  • Make sure the people in the back are not visible or stage them on purpose 
  • You can, for example, take 1 photo of the object without people and 1 photo of the object (same camera position) with people – this way it will look like the object “came to life”
    (same goes not only for people but also for settings/position of the machine)  

For more information please read our "Recommendations for taking 360° photos" One Pager

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