How can I publish my project?

Open your VRdirect Studio and click on the Publishing tab in your tab bar. Click on the big button "Upload and publish project" to create a new VR project entry. Please enter a project title first. After entering a project title, a new tab appears with the new project entry. Here you can edit parameters and additional information for the project (meta data), for example a project author and a description, as well as adding a preview image for the project.

After the information and the preview image have been created, the next step is to upload the VR project to the entry. 
To do this, select the project (.vrprj file) via the "Upload" button. All media files and assets are prepared for publication in this step. After uploading, the data is processed and made available for all devices. 

In the third step, the VR project can be published via the "Publish" button.
After a successful publication, the status of the project is changed and you have the possibility to "take back" the project at any time (i.e. cancel the publication). 
Now that it is published, it is available through the distribution links in the section below “Project sharing”. 
Project Code: Enter the 6-digit code into the search field of the VRdirect app (on smartphone and VR headset) and your VR project will start.
App Link: Click on the link that automatically opens the pre-installed VRdirect app and leads to your VR project (on smartphone).
Web Link: Click on the link that will open a Web Browser and show your interactive VR project in VRdirect’s Web Player.

For more information please read our User Guide

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