The content is 360° – where is the Virtual Reality then?

The 360° content is enriched with interactivity via the VRdirect Studio. Unlike 360° videos or images, users can interact with the scenes and acquire knowledge, for example, through small games. In contrast to passive 360° consumption, the active participation of the user is required. The user is thus more immersed in the virtual 360° environments and has a more pronounced immersive feeling.

The resulting virtual projects can be consumed and viewed in different ways – both by "click interaction" via the web, but also by eye control in the VR glasses. In the latter case, the user enters the project in full immersion and is completely immersed in virtual reality. 

The possibility to consume via the VR glasses is possible at any time via all our playout channels: there is a VR mode for smartphones in the web player and in the app. This allows the smartphone to be plugged into a Cardboard or other mobile VR headset. In more professional VR glasses (such as Oculus Quest), the VR project can be opened directly via the web browser.  

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