The preview of the Studio is not working anymore (in the Creation part).

If the preview of the Studio is not working anymore it might be related to the following scenarios:

  • Are you creating a very complex and large VR project? If that is the case, please do a test where you remove several scenes from your project and try the preview again.
  • In rare cases it could be related to an asset which is miscoded or in a wrong format. Please double check your files.
  • When using external video links for your objects, please make sure that they follow the VRdirect format requirements.  Here is a video and a blog article on how to integrate external videos. 
  • Do your objects or scenes have unfinished interactions? E.g. when you created an object, added the interaction “Connect scenes” but accidentally never chose a scene to connect to. In that case the interaction is not finished and therefore causes the preview not to work.
  • Please make sure to also check the background scene when going through your interactions.
  • Please also try uploading and publishing your project, to see if the project still works when published.
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