How can I identify my problem in the VRdirect Studio?​

Computer & Access

  • Which computer are you using? (Operating system and version)
  • Are you storing the files on your local machine or on an online server? (Sometimes when files are imported from an online storage the VRdirect Studio is blocked by internal firewalls)
  • Which internet connection are you using when uploading and publishing the project? Is it a company network or a private network? (Sometimes certain networks are blocking the VRdirect Studio due to firewalls)
  • Have you already tried the whole process on a different computer and with a different internet connection? If no, please do so. 
  • Have you already tried de-installing and re-installing the VRdirect Studio? If no, please do so.
  • Have you updated the VRdirect Studio to its newest version? Or are new updates available? If yes, please update via the “About” page of the VRdirect Studio.
  • What is your account? (Email address)
  • Could you please double check that your account is running on an active license?

VR Project & Assets

  • How large and complex is your project?
  • Could you please make sure that your assets and files have a valid format and match the VRdirect specifications? (JPEG, JPG, PNG, MP4, MP3)
  • Is your 360° content in the equirectangular monoscopic format?
  • Did you include sound files? If yes, can you please remove them from your project and do another test run to see if the problems are related to your sound files?
  • Did you include large 2D video files?
  • Have you verified that your project is working via the Studio's preview? (Located in the “home” tab)

Upload & Publishing

  • When uploading a project (.vrprj file) is it going through successfully? Or does the upload stop on any specific asset?
  • Do you see a blue “content processing” note with a rotating arrow icon on your project entry?
  • Do you receive an error message when clicking the “Publish” button? If yes, please send us a screenshot and double check that you have an active license.

Any information, as well as screenshots or screencasts help to identify what seems to be the issue on your side.

Please feel free to contact if the problem persists.


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