Which external videos can I insert?

There are 4 types of extensions that are accepted: .mp4, .m3u8, .ism/manifest and .m3u8-aapl. If the link is invalid, it might affect the local preview of the whole VR project and the display in the web player (after the project is published). Sometimes the video that is streamed externally is blocked by the corresponding website – this might also affect the whole VR project (will load infinitely).

It must be provided by a publicly available web hosting server (this means that services such as Sharepoint, OneDrive or Dropbox will not work as they require an authorised login – content cannot be publicly streamed from these services and additionally, those are file sharing services instead of web hosting servers).

Please note that YouTube video links will not work as well, as they do not have the correct extension format and YouTube is also not a web hosting server. The external video must have the format 16:9 – otherwise it will be stretched into these dimensions. Please test this function thoroughly beforehand with the external video link. Further information on this topic in this blog article and this video.  

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